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Wojin technology has more than 8 years of deep technical background and standardized intelligent production line in the field of Internet of things communication, and provides rich wireless communication products and various antenna products. The technical team has many years of technical precipitation and production experience in embedded micro control technology, rf hardware R & D, communication, networking technology, communication antenna and other wireless products. In the field of wireless communication of Internet of things, the company has sub1g, 2.4GHz, Lora, blue, ZigBee, WiFi, 3G \ 4G \ 5g module, communication gateway and other products to provide wireless modules and R & D customized services. At the same time, the company has rich RF and communication full coverage antenna product lines, including: soft board antenna, hard board antenna, rubber rod antenna, sucker antenna, FRP antenna, GNSS ceramic antenna, communication module antenna, base station antenna, various antenna accessories and RF adapter lines, providing R & D customization, processing and production and all-round services. 

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